Booba boosts the career of a singer of 20 years with… a tweet !

Booba booste la carrière d'une chanteuse de 20 ans avec... un tweet !

Booba boosts the career of a singer of 20 years with… a tweet !

If Booba, we have often used her messages worthy of a troll or his tackles towards Kaaris, Damso and The Weasel, he is today talking to him for having changed the life of a singer of 20 years, Jade Parey. With a simple tweet, the Duke of Boulogne gave a real boost to his career. A crazy story !

After having been banned from Instagram (it is back on the social network, but does not manage her account), Booba has stormed Twitter to continue to play the trolls, but also its good discoveries. He has shared the recovery of I like to die for Francis Cabrel of the singer norman 20-year-old : “The power“, he simply writes. At that time, nobody could have imagined that this short message would change the lives of Jade Parey, Jayde her stage name.

His career exploded thanks to Booba

Nothing is as it was before for the young artist. His video has been viewed nearly 600,000 times on Twitter, the producer of Starmania, the musical comedy, which will return in October 2020, the has approached to offer him a role, and even the producer of B2O has proposed “projects in the music“. “I must meet soon. It makes me feel funny to receive calls from important people, “explains Jade Parey in Western France before they trust that it can be recognized on the street today : “In the tram this morning, I was asked for autographs ! And there are students who challenge me to college.

The account Instagram administered to 92i has responded to this success : “Verified In a tweet!! So imagine in 2 tweets!!!!!! Everything is due to his talent. This page is only love please respect thank you.” Now, the goal of Jade Parey is to release an EP. To this end, it has launched a pool on Leetchi : the goal is to reach 2,700 euros. For the moment, 1.780 euros have been raised.

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