Booba clashe violently Kanye West and Jay Z, Twitter puts it back in its place

Booba clashe violemment Kanye West et Jay Z, Twitter le remet à sa place

Booba clashe violently Kanye West and Jay Z, Twitter puts it back in its place

Booba pushes the clash always more far… up to the other side of the Atlantic. After you have recognized the talent of Vald, Nekfeu and Damso, his former protege with whom he is at war, the Duke of Boulogne, was violently taken to Kanye West and Jay-Z in a long interview to GQ Magazine. What do the buzz !

Booba, as you would have ever imagined. In a long interview given to GQ Magazine, the Duke of Boulogne entrusts his desire to have a healthy diet, defends the place of women in French rap and recognizes the talent of some of his enemies including Damso or Nekfeu. What a surprise ! But don’t worry, Booba clasheur who is not afraid to say what he thinks is still there. After sharing his vision of French rap today, the one that is installed for the past twelve years at Miami has given his opinion on certain rappers US, and it hurts.

Booba clashe violently Kanye West and Jay-Z…

In his line of sight : Kanye West. “Kanye, I hate, humanly, musically, it is everything that I don’t support, it’s been ten years that it has cracked. It is a demon on this guy, it is the reign of falsehood, hypocrisy, fake, this is horrible. His girl, she has an ass like that, but she’ll swear on the head of his daughter that it is true. It’s amazing to be also zero. And then nobody listens to his music ! People listen to once out of curiosity, but after that they stop. I saw him in concert, the guy can neither sing nor rap, he has no breath, no trunk, it is nothingness.” This is not the only time he attacks the husband of Kim Kardashian…

… and gets put in his place on Twitter

This is not the only rapper in the US to take expensive : Jay-Z takes him also to his rank because of his last album, “4:44”, released in 2017 : “The guy has all the money he wants to make a pure thing, with the best producers willing to make him the sounds of the future, and he pulls out this album unbearable ! Not even fucking find a single instrument that kills, with all the budget a. How is this possible ?“. As for Drake, if he doesn’t appreciate necessarily, Booba recognizes his talent to create hits : “He has a thing fake that I don’t like, and his music appeals more to girls than to guys, but it must be recognized that it is a genius for the tubes. It is at the top of the charts for ten years, and it, person other than him to get there.” Of the about vocal that has attracted many reactions from Tweeters, who have not failed to deliver B2O in its place.

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