Booba is back on Instagram… but you might be disappointed

Booba est de retour sur Instagram... mais vous risquez d'être déçus

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Booba is back on Instagram… but you’re going to be disappointed

Good news for fans of Booba… or almost. Less than two weeks after been banned from Instagram for non-compliance of rules of application, the rapper is now back on the social network… partially. Forget the clashes, photomontages and insults sent to va, you might be disappointed.

After fighting, and still fighting, trolls, insults to a rehearsal or a still photo montages galore, the axe fell on the 30th of January last : Instagram has decided to ban Booba for non-compliance of rules of application. But it takes more than that to stop the Duke of Boulogne. As he says all the time, “piracy is never finished”. And even if his new account called @boobaghost was suspended, he rabattait on Twitter to continue swinging his small spades in freedom. Rumors said that the enemy of Kaaris was in the process of preparing its own social network… and this is not finished !

Booba back

More recently, B2O has made her return on Instagram… well, not really. This is not, in fact Booba who manages the page, but a certain she-Wolf, as one can discover in the description : “This account is administered by a she-WOLF. BOOBA does not publish on this account.” But who is it ? In reality, it is the company of Anne Cibron, manager of Booba since 2002. One imagines, therefore, that this account will have nothing to do with the previous one, and will have a dimension strictly professional, without fighting or name-calling. Not sure he has a lot of subscribers (this is 121 000 at the time of writing these lines). Don’t worry, Booba is still on Twitter for this !

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