Booba : less alcohol and weed, organic food and healthy… The thug life, it is finished

Booba : moins d'alcool et de weed, nourriture bio et healthy... La thug life, c'est fini

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Booba : less alcohol and weed, organic food and healthy… The thug life, it is finished

Far fiestas Miami, Booba prefer to lead a life that is healthy in the city of Florida in the United States. Smoke less weed, drinking less alcohol, outgoing little and buying their food in organic shops, the duke of Boulogne said goodbye to the thug life. He prefers to enjoy his life and dad to see his children, Luna and Omar, as often as possible.

Booba do drink almost no and don’t smoke more weed in the morning

In his long interview to GQ, Booba has also clashed rappers US as Kanye West and Jay Z that the French rappers (except Nekfeu, Vald and even Damso). But not that. The French rapper has also admitted to no longer lead the thug life. While his many fans were surely much to the imagine partying on yachts in Miami in the United States (where he lives) or in the process of fuck her in trendy clubs, in fact, B2O is healthy.

“I am reducing more and more the weed, I only smoke more in the morning” has confessed Booba, “And the alcohol, it is very rare, it is just on stage or in the evening”. The interpreter of Throne is so calmed down on the drinks, while it is nevertheless part of the stars to have launched their brands of alcohol (with its whiskey D. U. C).

The duke of Boulogne thus leads a healthy life OKLM in Florida, preferring to surround himself with his two children, Luna and Omar, that girls silicone. “In Miami, I don’t see a lot of people to share them,” he assured, “I’m good at the restaurant from time to time, with Gato (a haitian artist who lives in the city american and with whom he has collaborated many times, editor’s note), but otherwise I don’t go out too much”.

“I’m going in the bio stores”

In addition to having reduced the weed, the alcohol and nightlife, Booba explained eat organic and healthy. The fast-food, chocolates and sweets, very little to him. “I have a French chef in me, he made tagines, things like that. I do not calculate calories, but I eat healthily because I’ve always done sports in my life, so I’ve always been careful” he declared.

“I don’t like too much sweets or desserts,” he also added, “and I try to decrease meat”. And the few times he buys barbaque, it is local : “As I have the chance to have money, I buy beef grassfed, who grazes in a field not far away, there, hahaha !”. “I’m going in the bio stores” he indicated, as, for example, “at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. So that, we do not expect it.

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