Booba on women in rap : “It’s not easy for a girl to find its place”

Booba sur les femmes dans le rap : "Ce n'est pas évident pour une meuf de trouver sa place"

Booba speaks out on women in rap : in France, “it’s complicated for them”

Between 2015 and 2017, Booba had signed Shay to his label. Currently, he is attempting to recruit a new female artist. But the duke of Boulogne knows very well : the women in the middle of the rap in France, “it’s complicated”. “This is not easy for a girl to find its place,” has even confessed to the rapper, who has detailed the problems they may face.

“It is complicated for them to rap”

On Tuesday 25 February 2020, GQ has published a lengthy interview with Booba. Rapper French clashe Kanye West and Jay Z next to US and all the French rappers outside of Nekfeu, Vald and Damso it valid. And then as to about the middle of the rap, the media has also questioned the interpreter of OKLM on the place of women in the rap.

As a reminder, Shay had signed to his label, 92i between 2015 and 2017, before leaving B2O but to stay on good terms with him, as she had entrusted him to PRBK. Before giving its opinion on the matter, the Duke of Boulogne was revealed to work at the moment to recruit another woman into its ranks. Who ? “It is not known, but it will recognize” has-t-he mysteriously dropped out.

As for female rappers in general, Booba regrets that they are so poorly represented in France. “It is complicated for them to rap here,” he lamented, “The culture of strip clubs did not exist as it exists in the United States, where the past of strippeuse Cardi B does not shock large-world, for example, it is even valued. There is also the religion which remains an important tip to comply with us”.

Booba confess, therefore, that “it is not easy for a girl to find its place” in the middle of the rap and French hip-hop. According to him, there are only two possibilities for them in france : “Is it just going to rap on the theme ‘I am not respected’, or she’s going to do his macho, his guy… I find that, in general, it works on medium – to hand in Aya Nakamura, I would say”.

Booba meets the image of the woman he shows in his songs

And regarding the image of women in his titles and in his music videos ? Booba wished to clarify that it is the image of “some women”, not all. And most importantly, it does not find that his lyrics are degrading to them.

“Anyway, I say what I think, that’s all,” he added : “the so-called influence that it can have on people, it does not concern me. I’m not trying to be an example, and I’ve never looked for it, I’ve always been clear with that”. The star has said goodbye to the thug life has even stated : “If I stop saying what I was thinking, hmmm, I’d be Booba. I do not request that people do like me, I am not the voice of truth”.

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