Booba plays the card of emotion with his new song “rainbow”

Booba plays the card of emotion with his new song “rainbow”

Booba would it be appeased since his octagon with Kaaris is confirmed ? It looks like yes, since the Duke of Boulogne has just unveiled a brand new song, very different from usual : not an insult, a melody, a calm and a romantic side. It has changed B2O. “Rainbow” is to listen on PRBK.

It is finally official, Booba and Kaaris play each other in December 2019 at Geneva in Switzerland. The contracts are signed and the two rappers have already started training in : sports, boxing class… They don’t do things by half. Thus, they are more determined than ever to their octagon, but in the meantime the fateful date, the Duke of Boulogne has taken the time to go back to the studio to record a brand new song after “PGP” and “Medicine”, his feat with Niska.

Booba is full of surprises with “Arc-en-ciel”, the internet users, validate

If it was expecting its hyper urban full of punchlines and insults, it is ultimately very surprised by the results a very quiet “Arc-en-ciel”. You will discover a Booba gentle in his words, romantic, and perfect to play the card of emotion : “The storm is over, you bring me mice, you know that I am not very far / Baby, I love you, brings a remembrance of the infinite / Your rainbow is on the way / I had rai not there for long, no / Just after the rain, the time a ray of the sun / Enjoy it“, chante-t-il in its title. Yes, B2O knows how to do more than rap 😉

In any case, the author of “Little Girl” happens to surprise us with “Arc-en-ciel”, which is number one on iTunes : we don’t usually hear this side of him, and honestly, it’s good for a bit of quiet. The users, themselves, validate completely the last sound of Booba, released by surprise : “The new Booba’s it’s a smooth“, “The last sound of booba is amazing“, “Booba has released the sound of the year“, “Booba has laid a masterpiece“, we can read on Twitter.


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