Booba says goodbye to the physical albums : the rapper focuses on the streaming

Booba dit adieu aux albums physiques : le rappeur se concentre sur le streaming

Booba stops the physical albums : rapper announces that he will now his works only on the platforms of streaming

The duke of Boulogne wants may be avant-garde, in any case, he decided not to get out of physical albums. Finished the CD palpable : Booba will release his next opus only on the platforms of streaming. This is the announcement made by the rapper on Twitter.

“I am more than physical”

Stop the physical albums ! Booba dropped a real bomb on Twitter, announcing that it would sell more discs “in real life” : her next projects, it will take out more than on the platforms of streaming. And obviously, this is not a joke but reality. The Twitter account @PiraterieMedia spotted the conversation of a user with the rapper who was recently banned from Instagram. “I do most of the physical” writing B2O, adding : “It was the last time on throne”.

A little surprised and confused by this revelation of Booba himself, the fan added : “good-bye good first week”. The enemy of Kaaris, with which the octagon has finally never took place, then dropped in a way not very classy but with a touch of humor : “His grand-mother the big bitch the first week”. At least it has the merit of being clear !

It confirms

In order to prove to the many tweeters who are fans of him that he is a real info, the duke of Boulogne has responded to the post that said “Booba will release his next album only on the platforms of streaming !”. “At the heart of the info” he writes, in a comment, posting it in passing to tweet original. It is so real, Booba no longer wants to get out of physical albums. Finished the opus that you can buy at the store, the next projects of the French artist will be available directly on the platforms of streaming such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

B2O is one of the first to take this radical decision. A precursor which is grounded and truly in his time and in the new habits of its audience.

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