Booba tackle the French rap but compliments Nekfeu, Vald… and Damso !

Booba tacle le rap français mais complimente Nekfeu, Vald... et Damso !

Booba tackle the French rap… but compliments Nekfeu, Vald and Damso

Booba would be willing to bury the hatchet with some of his enemies as Damso ? In a long interview given to GQ Magazine, where he laments the poor quality of the texts of French rappers, the Duke of Boulogne has, however, recognized the talent of the writer of Damso, but also of Nekfeu and Vald…

While one is accustomed to his temper and about quills, Booba would have-he decided to settle down ? In a long interview given to GQ Magazine, the rapper has spoken on his octagon aborted in the face of Kaaris on the place of women in rap, or even on his new healthy lifestyle. Yes, who would have thought : B2O “reduced more and more the weed, drink alcohol very rarely, “just on stage or in the evening, eat healthily, trying to reduce the meat and doing her shopping in organic shops ! Side clash, if he always wants to Kaaris to have to cancel their fight, he recognizes the talent of some of its enemies.

Booba compliments Damso and Nekfeu

In this long interview, Booba also gives his opinion on the new generation of rappers and his vision of the French rap of today… and it is rather negative. “No one writes well, frankly. Before there was Solaar, Oxmo, but young people are not at the level” he says sadly. Fortunately, the one who has worked with Niska or Maes cites a few exceptions… which may surprise ! “Oh yeah, I have to admit, Vald. Well seen. And then good, I would also say Damso and Nekfeu : it must render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”.

About which one does not expect, then, that the Duke of Boulogne is at war with Damso, his former protégé, since he left the label 92i in 2018. May be is this the beginning of a reconciliation ?

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