Booba VS Kaaris : a battle without an audience ? The octagon could be in a small committee

Booba VS Kaaris : un combat sans public ? L'octogone pourrait être en petit comité

Booba VS Kaaris : a battle without an audience ? The octagon could be in a small committee

Bad news for fans of Booba and Kaaris, their long-awaited fight in Switzerland could do without public, or at least with a limited audience. But they can console themselves by looking at the octagon from their tv screen, if a string is a deal with the rappers to broadcast the event.

Booba and Kaaris : an octagon without fans ?

We did not believe more and yet, the fight between Booba and Kaaris should take place. When it, at the end of the world ? No, before Christmas next, at the beginning of December 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland. The octagon will be managed by the swiss federation of MMA SHC (Strength and Honor Championship). Its president, Raid Salah, confirmed the date (at least month) and the place (the city) in the journal de Léman Bleu : “So it’s going to be in December in Geneva, I think it will be during the first two weeks of December”.

However, fans of the two rappers may rager because they will not be allowed to attend. “We have not yet taken the decision, but it is more the party on a private event with an audience rather limited” has-t-he as well confessed on the shelf television. If you were hoping to be part of the public, it is likely to be complicated…

B2O wants this to be aired on tv

In his story Instagram, the Duke of Boulogne, however, has stated that he wanted to “blow up the record of the hearing” by disseminating the octagon on a TV channel. Remains to know which one will be chosen to transmit the fight live or deferred.

Very glad that this combat sport do the talking thanks to the clash between Booba and Kaaris, Raid Salah was assured that the two enemies prepare themselves like athletes for this fighting as expected. “The level of awareness of the CHS it is interesting, finally we are on the trays. (…) We drew attention to this sport, on this event, and that was our goal. The word thugs brawled in an airport, we showed them that MMA is a sport for everyone, it just takes practice, to be disciplined,” he said, “the Two rappers who make sport 5-6 days per week, 2-3 times a day, it is huge. It is the conditions that we had, they train, they will be followed during this period by a cameraman during the whole training camp”.


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