Booba VS Kaaris : after their fight in paris, they claimed 800 000 euros !

Booba VS Kaaris : après leur bagarre à Orly, on leur réclame 800 000 euros !

Booba VS Kaaris : after their fight in paris, they claimed 800 000 euros !

No, Booba and Kaaris are not yet finished with the law. A year after their conviction in the criminal following their brawl at the airport of Orly in August 2018, the two rappers enemy had again see you in court this week for a hearing in the interests of civilians. Aéroports de Paris and the company operates the businesses of duty-free that they had robbed during their confrontation, their claim over 800,000 euros in damages, reports Le Parisien.

On August 1, 2018, the images of the brawl Booba and Kaaris at Orly were doing around the web. Placed in detention, the two rappers were then released prior to their trial. Last year, they were sentenced to the penal 18-month suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine for “violence voluntarys” and “flight meeting“. During their fighting, they were attacked at the duty-free shopping. While their octagon has finally been cancelled, The Parisian explained that Booba and Kaaris had this time an appointment this Thursday, November 28, at the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil.

More than 800 000 euros in damages after their fighting ?

The two rappers were absent for this hearing in the interests of civilians, but were represented by their lawyers, ” says The Parisian. The various civil parties have held the notes very salt of the fight of the two stars : more than 800 000 euros of damage. The company, which operates the shops is estimated to have lost over € 700,000 in this fight with 6000 euros of degradation of the furniture, or more than 13 4000 of loss or theft of products. The lawyer of the company has explained that, in addition to the closure of the trade, the impact of this fighting would have been felt for several months. “Over the five months that followed the fight, even before the yellow Vests, the chinese customers has fled our shops” explains the lawyer.

For his part, Aéroports de Paris has also brought the civil party argued that the clash of Booba and Kaaris would have had an impact on the coming of tourists. “The images were relayed throughout the world. This event remains in the minds. The prejudice extends into the time for the airport.” would have said the lawyer, according to Le Parisien.

Booba and Kaaris make a team to counter the are

Usual enemies, the two rappers – or, rather, their lawyers – have teamed up to address these are. The lawyer of the Duke of Boulogne has put in doubt the words of the lawyers, explaining : “other factors, such as the increase to two figures of the airport of Beauvais, or the strikes of taxis or air traffic controllers may also be developed so that it has nothing to do with the brawl“. Booba and Kaaris will be deliberate before the Christmas holidays, but have, according to le Parisien, already explained, they pay themselves note, avoiding their loved ones mixed up in their fight to put hand to the portfolio.

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