Booba VS Kaaris: the rappers are preparing for the octagon in clashant

Booba VS Kaaris: les rappeurs se préparent pour l'octogone en se clashant

Booba VS Kaaris : they are preparing for the octagon between sports training and clash on social networks

The fight between Booba and Kaaris will be taking place in December in Geneva. So before the octagon, the two enemies are training. The rapper from Sevran has posted a new photo to his sports training. A post which the duke of Boulogne has responded… mocking him !

Kaaris trains

Now that the papers for the octagon are signed, it is safe, Booba and Kaaris play each other in December 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. An octagon, as the two opponents must give everything not to disappoint their fans. So, they train a lot. An intensive training program in which the rapper who recently released his album “Black Gold 3” has unveiled a new photo on Instagram. In the ring, he is shown shirtless with a fight shorts, boxing gloves and a mask covering the nose and mouth, a little to the Bane, the villain of Batman (played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises).

In legend, Kaaris simply wrote “dec 2019”, to show that he trains hard for the fight. And he said to the attention of Booba : “We’re going to war. Your marabouts there could be nothing”. A way to tell him that he does not let go and is already winning the octagon.

B2O the clashe in the comments

In the comments of a template Insta, Booba responded quickly. Mocking his enemy, he replied : “My marabout said just the opposite. Tu pues feet”. The duke of Boulogne was even reposted the image of the one he intends to put K. O. A new spade that shows that rappers train is clashant before the day J.

If level clash of minutes, it continues, the level also sports Booba and Kaaris prepare for the fight. They regularly publish photos and videos of their coaching in preparation for their duel.


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