“Book Arsenal 2019”: events of the fourth day that want to get

“Book Arsenal 2019” to their visitors have prepared an interesting program

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"Книжный Арсенал 2019": мероприятия четвертого дня, на которые захочется попасть

Exhibition Book Arsenal 2019

In Kiev within several days there passes the international festival “Book Arsenal“. Today, may 25, “Book Arsenal” offers its visitors and ardent supporters of the book publishing interesting discussions, presentations and musical evening.

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At 14:00 will be a presentation of books about Ukraine “Ukraїner. Inside the country”.

Ukraїner is a socio – cultural project, which is created by volunteers. For two years they visited all the historical regions of Ukraine. Therefore, the book contains many stories of people and places interesting and unexpected Ukraine from the inside.

At 15:00 Oksana Zabuzhko will take part in the conversation “Between liberators and occupiers.”

Also at 15:00 will discuss during the presentation of the translation of the book “Feminists don’t wear pink and other inventions”. This is a collection of stories from the most different and famous women. And its private stories about feminism to share Anna Leliv, Kate Taylor, Carrie Boyko, George of bath and Vladimir Ermolenko.

"Книжный Арсенал 2019": мероприятия четвертого дня, на которые захочется попасть

book Arsenal 2019 program

At 17:00 will take place the presentation of the book “Francesca. The winner of the officers ‘badge” from a journalist in the past, and now an employee of NASA, George bat.

At 17:00 expect a public discussion about originality, borrowing, and theft by designer Olga Protassova, poet and Illustrator Ilya Starovskogo and translator Anna Leliv. Their public discussion inspired by the book by Robert shore “Beg, steal and borrow”.

20:00 famous writer Andrey Kurkov will attend the presentation of the book “a brief history of drunkenness” about people’s passions for alcohol, along with its author, a famous British writer and blogger mark Forsyth.

Completed the fourth day of the “Book Arsenal” Dj-set from founders 20ft Radio Misha & David at the bar.

First international festival “Book Arsenal” was held in 2011. Every year, more than 150 Ukrainian publishers present their publications at the exhibition.

The cost of a full ticket – UAH 80, reduced – 40 hryvnia, family – 180 hryvnia, and subscribe to all the days – 300 UAH.

Recall that earlier we wrote about the horror novels of young Ukrainian writers.

Recall that in 2018, on the capital’s festival “Book Arsenal” was held the presentation of the books of the Fund of Rinat Akhmetov “Donbass and Peace,” has become an artifact.

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