“Book Arsenal 2019”: TOP interesting activities on the last day of the festival

“Book Arsenal 2019” to its visitors in the last day of the festival prepared an interesting program

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"Книжный Арсенал 2019": ТОП интересных мероприятий последнего дня фестиваля

May 26 will culminate in the international festival “Book Arsenal“, but the organizers have prepared a lot of interesting and extraordinary events that are worth a visit.

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At 14:00 you can visit the presentation of the anthology of Ukrainian critics 20 years.

At 15:00 will begin the presentation of the reissue of the book, directed by Leonid Kanter and historian Paul Solodko “With the stool to the ocean.”

15:00 you can visit the workshop of a photographer and co-founder of the festival Photo days Odessa Ekaterina Radchenko “How to read a photograph” on the occasion of the release of the book “Pictures tell”.

Theme photography will continue at 17:00 at the round table “the Renaissance of books”.

"Книжный Арсенал 2019": ТОП интересных мероприятий последнего дня фестиваля

At 18:00 will start a musical and visual performance, “Arrival”, which is the team of the popular science magazine “Kunst”.

Also at 18:00, modernized version of the story “Kaydasheva family” from the “Wild theatre” will reveal the theme of the neighbourhood — the focus of the current “Book Arsenal”.

20:00 – music on the festival stage will perform works by Igor Stravinsky, John cage and Ligeti Derda.

20:00 – closing of the “Book Arsenal” and the opening of the Summer scene. The Concert Brass Band Of The Heart Beat.

And if that’s not enough, then terminate the last day of the “Book Arsenal” can live traditional Ukrainian music from expeditions and archives from US Orchestra at the bar.

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