Books: Aurélie Laflamme in Russia

Livres: Aurélie Laflamme en Russie

Aurélie Laflamme continues to travel. Strong of their success in Quebec and in Europe, the novels of India Desjardins are now published in Russia.

The author felt that his heroin had done to make him live strong emotions in the wake of the publication of the last volume of the Journal of Aurélie Laflamme, 2018. But it is clear that the character is not ready to quit anytime soon.

“Every time I have the impression that Aurélie Laflamme to leave me, there are new surprises like this that happen to me “, advance India Desjardins.

Because, yes, the news of a new translation of his works has surprised the author.

“It’s crazy to think that, in 2020, I still have new readers who discover Aurélie Laflamme. I am very aware that a success like that, it happens only once in a lifetime, and that I am privileged, ” she says.

The three outputs confirmed

Of the nine volumes featuring Aurélie Laflamme, one already knows that the first three will land alternately on the shelves of the booksellers russians.

For the rest, India Desjardins admits to be uncertain. Why ? Because the volumes subsequent take the character of Jean-Félix to discover his homosexuality, a theme for the less thorny in Russian territory.

“I had a lot of young members of the LGBT community who have spoken to me of the positive effect that this character has had on them. It is that which is important to me. Is it going to prevent the volumes following out in Russia ? I don’t know. But it is sure that I would find it a pity, ” says she.

About the adventures of Aurélie Laflamme, they seem nice and well finished. At least, for the time being. India Desjardins says that she doesn’t plan to offer new adventures for her heroine, but does not, however, the possibility of revisiting its universe in the future.

“At this time, I did not intend to write other books. But if I ever have an idea that fits well with the series, it might change. Aurélie Laflamme is a character that I love so much, so I can’t close the door, ” says the author.

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