Border closed in New Brunswick: a shared custody impossible

Frontière fermée au Nouveau-Brunswick: une garde partagée impossible

TROIS-PISTOLES | The latest regulations at the dam on the border of New Brunswick give a headache to many parents in a shared custody situation.

Karine Vincent, a mother of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, has not managed to recover his son last Sunday in spite of the amicable agreement with his ex-spouse, since it does not have a court order or a notice notarized. She had to turn back, without knowing when she will be able to have his son home again.

She had yet used since the beginning of the containment to collect his child at the point of control in a neutral zone, without any problem. However, last Sunday, the guidelines had changed and the discourse of the police officers was contradictory.

“One of them told me that it was a new rule, that you could no longer do so. Another told me that since a month and a half, it was impossible to do it and he did not believe me that I had already done,” said Ms. Vincent, who lives in Trois-Pistoles.

The only feasible solution in the short term would be that her ex-husband, crosses the border to go and take the child to his mother. It should, however, submit to a quarantine of 14 days on his return home, which would preclude return to work for two weeks.

“I’ve heard other stories of this kind, I think that I’m not the only one to live it. I find it absurd because it advocates the physical health, but we are going to play in the mental health of our children,” laments she.

The hassle

To try to get answers to his questions, Karine Vincent was first called the province of New Brunswick, who told him that a baptistaire of the child, as well as proof of residence of the spouse were sufficient.

However, the discourse is completely different at the control point. She was then directed to the Red Cross, which was transferred to the public safety, to achieve the emergency center of the province. The answer is clear: it is impossible to cross the border to retrieve the child without a court order or an agreement of the notary.

However, the steps to obtain this kind of document may take significant time delays due to the pandemic, not to mention the fees that apply.

“If within a week or two it does not change, I think I’m going to go install the control point and I’ll stay there until it changes. I hope to see other relatives who live in situations like that speak. I would like the government of Quebec also expresses it, may be even at the level of federal,” said she.

A call was made to the office of the premier of New Brunswick in order to clarify this matter. The team of TVA News is still waiting for a response.


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