Border Services: temporary suspension of service in some entry points

Services frontaliers: suspension temporaire du service dans certains points d’entrée

OTTAWA – The Agency of Canada border services (CBSA) temporarily suspends its services in some of the entry points seasonal to adapt to the context of pandemic of the COVID-19.

Hours of service will be reduced in 12 land ports of entry, and eight air, while the seasonal opening of a maritime port of entry and the transition to seasonal hours at land ports of entry have been postponed, said Friday the federal agency in a press release.

These measures took effect on Saturday at midnight should not interfere with commercial traffic, was added.

“The supply chains economic and trade will be maintained, and the CBSA continues to work to ensure that access to goods and services is not interrupted,” said the federal agency.

In Quebec, it is the airport Pierre-Eliot Trudeau who is affected by these changes for business operations.

Thus, the new schedule, temporary service is from 8 am to 16 pm during the week and from 8 am to 15 pm for the purpose of weeks, has been provided.

Introduced on the 21st march last, the temporary restriction on all travel to the canada-u.s. border remains in force until 21 July.

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