Boris Johnson will announce a major stimulus plan to boost the british economy

Boris Johnson va annoncer un grand plan de relance de l’économie britannique

The british prime minister Boris Johnson will unveil Tuesday a comprehensive recovery plan, based on the construction of infrastructure, to support the british economy, severely affected by the outbreak of a new coronavirus, related to the media Sunday.

“This has been a huge, huge shock to the country, but we are going very well bounce back,” said the conservative leader in an interview with the Daily Mail. “If the Covid-19 was a flash of lightning, we will not soon hear the thunder in terms of economic consequences. We will be ready “, he assured.

The country ” will not return to absolutely not austerity as ten years ago, under the government of conservative David Cameron, he assured the tabloid. According to the newspaper, Boris Johnson will announce the details of this plan, which he describes as a “very big moment” in a speech Tuesday.

The containment strict imposed throughout the month of April has resulted in a collapse of 20.4 % of the gross domestic product (GDP), uk, a historic record high, after a decline in GDP of 5.8% in march.

Without additional help from the State, the unemployment rate could reach levels not seen since the 1980s, surpassing the peak of $ 3.3 million recorded in 1984, reported Sunday newspaper The observer, citing an analysis of the Library of the House of commons.

Interviewed Sunday on Sky News, the Interior minister, Priti Patel, said that the government was determined to ” restart the United Kingdom “.

“We are developing a plan to recovery, a road map that focuses on the infrastructure “, she said, citing investment for “roads,” or ” high speed internet “.

The ministry of Justice announced on Sunday the creation of four new prisons in England to reduce crime and support the local economy, as well as the construction sector, ensuring that it would create thousands of jobs.

After being very criticized over its management of the pandemic coronavirus, which has claimed more than 43 000 deaths in the United Kingdom, which makes it the most affected country of Europe, Boris Johnson is faced with the challenge of successfully completing the déconfinement.

The next step up, major, is re-opening Saturday, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, museums and cinemas, closed since the end of march. Stores “non-essential” have already reopened by mid-June.

The British estimated that the Labour leader, Keir Starmer, would make a better head of government, according to a poll by Opinium, published Saturday. 37 % of respondents believe that it would be better that Boris Johnson, while 35 % believe that Boris Johnson is the best option.

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