Born in 1896 accidentally found the oldest inhabitant of the planet

Swami Sivananda looks much younger than his years

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Родился в 1896 году: случайно найден самый старый житель планеты

Swami Sivananda

Airport staff in Abu Dhabi, UAE, surprised the 123-year-old Indian monk Swami Sivananda. Probably the oldest inhabitant of the planet was sent from his native land to London with a connection in Dubai. According to his passport, he was born 8 Aug 1896 in Indian city of Kolkata. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Swami Sivananda looks much younger than his years. According to men, the secret to his longevity yoga, discipline and celibacy. In 2016, the monk said that I could live to be 120 years, because refused to have sex and did not use food with spices. “I eat very simply – boiled food without oil or spices. I don’t drink milk and don’t eat fruit because it’s delicious meat,” said the Indian.

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The man had told reporters the story of his life: at the age of five he lost his parents. Relatives sent him to the education guru, with whom he traveled to India. Growing up, Sivananda decided to devote his life to monasticism. Swami admitted that he lives very modestly: for example, sleeping on the floor, placing a head of the block of wood.

Родился в 1896 году: случайно найден самый старый житель планеты

123-year-old Indian monk Swami Sivananda

The disciples of the monk was often advised him to apply to the Guinness Book of records and commit yourself to the very elderly resident of the planet.

Recall that in 2018 godov Chile died the world’s oldest bachelor. Celine Jaramillo was born 25 Jul 1896. However, no documents that could confirm this have not been kept. Celine Jaramillo was never married and has no relatives.

We also wrote about the 112-year-old Yisrael Kristal, who survived the Holocaust and were in concentration camp Auschwitz, and was recognized as the oldest inhabitant of the planet. It is noteworthy that crystal was recognized as the champion-a survivor only once in Poland I found the documents that confirmed his age. In the archives found the materials, testifying that man lived in łódź in 1918. Then he was 15 years old.

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