Bounce back after the trials

Bounce back after the evidence

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The one who has the habit of promoting, in her books and conferences, well-being and happiness has just surprised us with her new book, Choose the joy and lightness , written in the style of a biography. Author Christine Michaud recounts her recent ordeals, including the loss of her mother, as well as a romantic breakup. As she enters her fifties, she takes advantage of this pivotal moment to gain awareness of her life that she shares with her readers.

First there was the death of her 78-year-old mother, who already suffered from Parkinson's disease, who died of COVID-19 in November 2020. “She died all alone in atrocious conditions in a CHSLD”, leaves fall Christine Michaud, visibly upset by this tragedy. & nbsp;

The death of a loved one usually brings awareness to the fact that it inevitably brings us face to face with our own death. But for the former host and speaker, the reflection went further, to the point of putting an end to her romantic relationship with her spouse.

In addition, as for many, the pandemic has had it. forced to review her professional plans as she entered her fifties with both feet, a period often apprehended by women.


With the start of my fiftieth come many questions. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; I no longer see life the same way and I did not believe I could grow old with my partner”, confides the author who drew a parallel between his life and that of his mother. & nbsp;

“After my mother died, I began to think about her life as well as mine. I turned 50 a month after my mother died, we realize that our energy and our body are changing and I wanted to live my life to the fullest with a less superficial aspect. “& Nbsp;

For the one who wanted to calmly accept the aging process, while living with passion and sparkle by wishing for deep, genuine and lasting love, there was no longer a good place. So, a month later, she decides to break up with her partner, believing that even if we get older, we can be loved deeply for who we are and not for appearances. & Nbsp;

Accept for bounce back

There are several stages in going through mourning or any ordeal. “& Nbsp; We must first welcome and accept and then succeed in transcending and bouncing back & nbsp;”, considers Christine Michaud. “You also have to know how to accept your helplessness. & Nbsp;”

As she puts it so well, life offers us opportunities to turn from shadow to light. “The trials of our existence give us the gift of resilience, strength and courage,” she concludes.

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