Boxing: Lexson Mathieu under long-term contract with EOTTM

Even if the fight he had to fight was canceled last Saturday, Quebec boxer Lexson Mathieu made a big move on Thursday by signing a long-term contract extension with promoter Camille Estephan, president of the Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM).
At 20, Mathieu represents one of the most beautiful hopes of Quebec boxing. He shows a record of 8-0 (7 K.-O.) since his passage in the professional ranks started in 2019. The fight which was to see him face the Slovak Robert Racz, last Saturday at the Casino de Montréal, would have been his ninth and the NABF super middleweight belt was at stake.

“I feel like we are armored for the rest of my career. This partnership between the two of us shows that we are ready to move forward and that we want to go in the same direction. It’s been a while since we talked about it, but since I don’t have much experience in the “business” aspect of boxing, I took the time to inform myself. I was told that what he was offering me was worth gold, “admitted the boxer on Thursday.

The five-year pact between Mathieu and EOTTM will promote the quality of the fights instead of the quantity and will also allow him to benefit from quality training partners. “We are ready to leave the machine, but for now, people’s health and what is happening in the world is much more important than the rest of my career,” said the young man in a calm tone.

Since the closing of the training halls and the Empire boxing club, Mathieu has been training at home, where he runs, maintains a good diet and offers imaginary boxing sessions thanks to a virtual reality helmet.

“There are people who have a hard time believing me, but that is what comes closest to real boxing. I couldn’t do a better combat simulation. It’s like I’m in the ring, the intensity is high. Most people can’t make three rounds, but I do. Besides, I don’t get hit in the head, that’s ideal, ”he laughs.

In addition to taking advantage of the supervision of his coach François Duguay, Mathieu can also count on the supervision of former world champion Eric Lucas, hired as ambassador and director of development by EOTTM.

“Camille places a lot of hope in Lexson, who is the next face of Quebec boxing at the international level and who will have the opportunity to fight in world championships. I have been training him since he was 11 years old, I have known for a long time that he has talent and potential. I saw a lot of boxers in my life, we are going to go far with him. Not all people followed his career in the amateur ranks, but they notice it now, “said Duguay.

What Antonin Descarie, CEO of EOTTM confirms in a press release: “Lexson is probably the most beautiful talent that Quebec has produced in years. Not only is he endowed with a natural talent, he is also very serious in his approach and extremely determined. We recruited him with the firm conviction that he would not only reach the highest levels of international boxing, but that he would establish himself as a star in Quebec, “he said.

Duguay keeps a close eye on his protégés even if he cannot see them every day at the gymnasium. He asked Mathieu, Leyla Beaudoin and the others to maintain a good level of physical condition, to race, etc.

“Besides keeping fit, there is not much you can do. It is difficult at present to develop a medium-term plan. We just know that it takes eight weeks to prepare for a major fight. For the rest, it’s a real break. As Lexson hasn’t reached the limit often in his first eight fights, that doesn’t change anything for him. This break, it benefits nature, the sky is blue in China and there are fish in Venice “, philosophized the trainer, who turns into a teacher at home these days for his little girl.

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