Boyfriend lorac suspected homosexual: what “slept” Lazarev

Ухажера Лорак заподозрили в нетрадиционной ориентации: на чем "спалился" Лазарев

today, 12:40

Sergey Lazarev has already got on the front pages of the tabloids because of the former producer, who suddenly went on vacation with her lover.

Now the artist literally falls asleep courtesies Daniil Velichko by renowned photographer working in the overwhelming majority of stars of the Russian show-business.

the Lazarev posted a photo together with Velichko on the page in Іnstagram. Both Hotties standing and smiling with rastavlennymi in hairstyles, as the after service Barber. In his post, Sergey wrote congratulations to the photographer happy birthday, to which he replied morgause Emoji.

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“My dear friend Dan!! Happy Birthday!!! For many years we have been friends and work! Almost all of my album covers, singles and Billboard the last 10 years – your job! You see, you feel me and my music! Thank you for your opinion and professionalism. We work so well that the last cover we shoot a maximum of 10 minutes😂 and they are all masterpiece… total understanding! 😂 be happy, my dear friend! You many happy days under my music and me a new awesome covers!! 😂 ❤ this ❤ on!!! happy Birthday!”, – signed photo of the artist.

Followers of the singer drew particular attention to the “wink” in response, Daniel. And some followers, and even suggested that Sergei and Danila can be lovers.

Ухажера Лорак заподозрили в нетрадиционной ориентации: на чем "спалился" Лазарев

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It is noteworthy that these assumptions are quite right to rottage Sergey Lazarev carefully hides his personal life and he never appears at social events with someone as a couple. Similarly behaves and Dima Bilan, who, incidentally, also repeatedly suspected homosexual. However, how true this is is anyone’s guess. Because the truth knows only the Sergey Lazarev. However, it’s a private matter.

We will remind, Lorak and Lazarev hid for a long time it’s published correspondence.

As reported Znayu Lorak was lit in company with Lazarev, the fans love it.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Lazarev was incriminating picture, the fans could not resist.

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