Boyfriend younger Zavorotnyuk noticed in the arms of the flamboyant singer: “We are too love each other”

Ухажера младшей Заворотнюк заметили в объятиях эпатажной певицы: "Мы слишком любим друг друга"

Anna Zavorotnyuk, photo: Instagram

today, 18:09

Cancer daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna is credited with the beginning of a relationship with a famous singer Yegor Creed. However, it is noticed in the arms of another girl.

Egor Krid quite fickle in their attentions. So, he met with the actress Miroslava Karpovich, and he attributed courting the heiress actress Zavorotnyuk Anna.

However, recently saw creed with another singer Zivert (aka Julia Sievert), a singer of songs of Life and “Green wave”. It is reported that the pair first appeared together at events. So, creed singer hugged gently by the waist.

And the singer fueled the rumors about a romantic relationship with the singer and intrigue answered the question about a possible duet.

“We’re too in love to spoil our career…” says creed.

Recall that fish from “Dune”, overcame the cancer, told about the real state of “My fair nanny”.

As reported Know. ua, Zavorotnyuk getting better every day.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Zavorotniuk heroically beats cancer.

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