Bracelets red season 3 : jump back in time, changes… the new info

Les Bracelets rouges saison 3 : saut dans le temps, changements... les nouvelles infos

Bracelets red season 3 : new info

Still a little patience, this is not that season 3 Bracelets red will make its arrival on TF1. The filming of the new episodes is expected to be completed this Wednesday, if we believe The Parisian, which also reveals new info on what we can expect with the others… a leap back in time !

This is one of the series inmanquables on TF1 : Les Bracelets rouges will be entitled to a season 3 may be the last as we had entrusted Audran Cattin (Thomas) and Tom Rivoire (Clement). Last July, we learned that the filming had just started and it should end very soon. The Parisian has been able to visit the places of shooting in the Gironde and uncovers some new information on what we can expect in the rest of the series.

A jump in the time

The first surprise is that this season 3 of the Bracelets in Red will not resume exactly where ended season 2. Remember, Thomas had left the hospital (Audran Cattin will be back) while Como woke up. It was several months later that will resume the action as it reveals the director Christophe Campos. “At the beginning of season 3, five months have passed. Our heroes have grown up and must, for certain, face the daily outside of the hospital,” he confided. This season, the band of friends who also in the life, therefore, will have to relearn how to live far from the hospital. But how to stay close to his friends when they tried to turn the page and resume a normal life ?

A few details on the new coming

As we know, this season 3 will welcome a new patient : Nour. We do not know for the moment, not much about it except that it should be quite dynamic and impulsive. It is described as “volcanic” by Le Parisien. His interpreter, Hanane El Yousfi, said to be very well integrated to the band. “I dreaded it a little because the group knew each other already well. But, they put me at ease and I learn a lot with them,” she explained.

A new life for Nathalie

The alarm clock Como will, of course, upset the life of Nathalie who will always be in a relationship with Roman played by Mathieu MadĂ©nian. The latter will continue to make us laugh, while the consequences of the coma Como will be felt. “Nathalie revit, even if she has anxieties, because it does not find the little boy that she had before Como fell into a coma. It has grown a lot, “explains CĂ©cile Rebboah who plays Nathalie. And to add : “In this season 3, we go in the appeasement“.

Season 3 Bracelets Red will be released in 2020 on TF1.

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