Bracelets red season 3 : the result in the “good way”… before the end ? (Interview)

Les Bracelets rouges saison 3 : la suite en "bonne voie"... avant la fin ? (Interview)

Bracelets red season 3 : the actors trust on the following

This Monday, April 1, TF1 broadcasts the last two episodes of season 2 of the Bracelets red. If it is not yet assured, the season 3 of the series would be on the right track if we believe Audran Cattin (Thomas) and Tom Rivoire (Clement). Get out the handkerchiefs : the possible third season could be the last. This article does not contain spoilers !

Over the eight episodes of season 2, and The Bracelets, red has once again moved the viewers with a tribute to Sarah, the sick Louise, or her reconciliation with Clement. TF1 has not yet confirmed season 3 but, in an interview, the two stars of the series are to be entrusted to PRBK on this suite, which, however, could mark the end of the adventure.

Season 3 Bracelets red could be the last

Yes, a season 3 Bracelets red is well considered on the production side ! “It smells good ! It is in the small papers. There are strong chances that it happen but I can’t say any more.” we entrusted Audran Cattin aka Thomas during an interview that took place just after the broadcast of the first two episodes of season 2. One thing that seems to confirm Tom Rivoire (Clement) : “It is on the right track, it will depend on the hearings of season 2. For the moment, there is nothing official but it could be done.

But it would seem, however, that the writers and actors are already considering this possible third season as an end. “The interest is not to make a series to tell stories and stories. I think it would be good that we stop to season 3. Like this, it will close the story.” gave us Tom Rivoire. As for Audran Cattin, who was also entrusted on season 2 ? “We spoke a little bit of pitching, it’s not going to be a trick where we will still get the seam. There was a time when, apart from getting new people, we can’t make a More beautiful life in the hospital. It’s not going to do 26 seasons, it would be a shame, this would make the vein to nothing. In what I knew later, it would be really a thing which loop and which is not free.” he teasé.

What they want to see for their characters in the sequel

PRBK also took the opportunity to ask the actors what they would like to see for their characters in the rest of the series. “I’d like it to heal because it hurt. I’d like it to heal, and we can see how it is beyond the hospital.” we explained the interpreter of Clement. For its part, Audran Cattin has revealed that he would like to see a Thomas more sports. “He was surfing before, I’d like to review it, to make sport with his prosthesis. Surf or run. There, he is in rehabilitation but I would like to get it back to her old life with her prosthesis. Surfing with a prosthesis, it would be madness !” we there explained.

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