Brad pitt after Oscar spoke about the “chemistry” between him and DiCaprio

Брэд Питт после Оскара разоткровенничался о "химии" между ним и Ди Каприо

today, 19:38

American actor brad pitt after awarding the prize “Oscar” for best male role of the second plan said that he became close friends with co-stars in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once upon a time in Hollywood” actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Pitt noted that before this film he was familiar with DiCaprio only superficially. Just shooting the film Tarantino became the first collaborative work of well-known actors.

In the film, pitt and DiCaprio close friends, and this friendship later moved into the real world. According to pitt, the Director even rejoiced in the fact that between the stars there was “chemistry” which not only made the work enjoyable, but also had a positive impact on getting into character for both men.

Брэд Питт после Оскара разоткровенничался о "химии" между ним и Ди Каприо

Brad Pitt

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“Now we are close friends, we have a common interest – we are avid collectors of contemporary art,” explains pitt.

The award was the first Oscar for Brad pitt. The actor recently turned 56 years old.

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