Brad pitt married: the actor spoke about his divorce from Jolie and a new stepmother for the children

Брэд Питт женится: актер рассказал о разводе с Джоли и новой мачехе для детей

Soul of the main Hollywood hunk brad pitt is not sick about ex-wife angelina Jolie. He publicly stated that nothing should be the former and is ready for a new relationship. Now with Jolie it is associated only those obligations which were stipulated in the documents of the property and the upbringing of children, writes NewFormat.

Smoothie said that soon will move closer to the kiddies, but at the same time, if he gets a new girlfriend, he’s still in their right to acquaint with children

According to the source – this is stipulated in the divorce contract. Angelina Jolie will not be able to prevent such meetings. The very same pitt who is his fiancee said that h a t nobody, but he will already be in the search, especially because he wants to have his own cozy nest and another “couple of kids”.

On the issue of filming, pitt said that before the end of the year might make a break in Hollywood, a little rest, but it will be no earlier than summer – while he’s still busy filming that is about to end. Paper about the breakdown of the marriage the ex-spouse received 12 APR. That day they waited for three years. However, some argue that the actors have multiplied so much time because of Angelina Jolie. Like, she wanted to return to the former and purposely delayed the divorce new conditions of rupture.

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Famous American actress Jennifer aniston, who recently very interesting comments on the possible relationship of brad pitt and Charlize Theron, is planning to 50 year anniversary of becoming a mother.

Recently Jennifer attended orphanages in Mexico. And in one of the shelters just fell in love with one-year-old girl with dark eyes and long eyelashes. In order to take the child home, she assigned the case to their lawyers that they had collected the necessary documents.

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