Brand new and beautiful, the Chez Marcel ice cream parlor has opened at Place de la Comédie in Montpellier

Brand new and beautiful, the Chez Marcel ice cream parlor has opened at Place de la Comédie in Montpellier

L'équipe de Chez Marcel, avec son tablier façon serveur parisien. La casquette gavroche arrive. Midi Libre – DR

In place of the Grande Brasserie, the establishment opens its doors this week. There are ice creams there, but also cookies and "a small menu" salty.

It’s an absence that has just been filled. Place de la Comédie already had its bars, its pizzeria, its creperie… Since this week, she also has her ice cream parlor. This has just been installed on the long-closed terrace of the Grande Brasserie, in the extension of Le Riche. His name ? Chez Marcel. A desire of the bosses: the Masquelier brothers, Prosper and Maxime, in reference to their grandfather, and incidentally to the owner of the walls, Marcel Salerno. Also a way of giving a particular style to this place: the fifteen members of the team are equipped with an apron. And the newsboy cap arrives.

Classic and signature ice creams, "generous"

"Style is important, underlines Arnold Ben Yahia, the operational director of the establishment and the Pampa group. We want to refer to old-fashioned Parisian cafés. A bit like we already do at the Brasserie du théâtre." So much for form. Fundamentally too, Chez Marcel aims to be innovative. So with ice cream. Some of which come from a reference in the field, Ariégeois Philippe Faur. "We have a whole range of artisanal ice cream,adds the manager. Classic ice creams, and signature ice creams. With beautiful, generous cuts. And fruits and fresh produce."

Cookies served hot in a mini pan

Ice cream for an ice cream parlor, nothing could be more normal. But the establishment wants to highlight another product: the cookie. Comes from a well-known and reputable supplier in Montpellier: Cookie store, located on rue de l’Université. "Homemade cookies, delivered every morning, likes Arnold Ben Yahia, served in a hot mini-skillet on a wooden board, with hot chocolate and a scoop of ice cream."He's already salivating. Cold and hot. But also sweet … and salty. Because Chez Marcel will also offer a "small menu", based on croque-monsieur or revisited carpaccio, salads. In short, enough to satisfy Montpellier tourists and customers, too long deprived of this privileged terrace on the Comédie.

A look at the map

What ice creams can we find at Chez Marcel ? And at what prices ?

There are of course the classics: banana split, Liège coffee, peach melba, dame blanche, etc. These are 9.90 €.

The signatures include the Semifredo (ristretto), the Strawberry time (with whole strawberries), the Bretonne (with a crepe). And many others. Count 12.50 €.

Open from 8 a.m. to midnight, non-stop service.

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