Brandon Routh to return as Superman in the series in the Arrowverse ? It responds

Brandon Routh de retour en Superman dans les séries du Arrowverse ? Il répond

Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow… : the Superman of Brandon Routh to return in the future ?

In Crisis On Infinite Earths, the crossover of the Arrowverse, Brandon Routh has regained its role as Superman held at the cinema in 2006. And as said to the comedian, the reunion with this character have given him a few desires for the future. Attention spoilers.

After having played Clark Kent in the movie Superman Returns released in 2006, Brandon Routh has taken advantage of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the new crossover within the Arrowverse, to rethread the cape of the super-hero embodying his version of Earth-96.

A real conclusion for the actor…

A little happiness for the fans, always followers of the winks of this kind, but also for the actor. At the microphone of Den of Geek, the usual interpreter of Ray Palmer in Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow has in effect confessed that the failure of his film and his future plans to him had left a scar : “I’m so grateful for that. I have the feeling that the door was open [to the end of regrets], all that had not been fixed [for him] after Superman Returns is now fixed and the door is closed.

Brandon Routh was given, he took advantage of this opportunity to heal her frustrations and achieve their desires : “I approached this role as if it was my last time. It was important for me.” The actor stated, “I didn’t want to leave any regrets. Therefore, regardless of the time of presence to the screen that I could have or that for any evolution of the story, I approached it by being happy for this opportunity and was okay with it all.

… but a return is already possible

However, if this crossover has finally given them the opportunity to turn the page, do not believe that it is not ready to open a new one. Despite a radio silence on the part of the producers of the Arrowverse about such a return, Brandon Routh has already sent his message : “The door is closed. But if it should open again, I’m also open. In any case, I’m cool, at peace with it, even if I remain excited at the idea of playing the character if a good opportunity presents itself.” See you in the next meeting super-heroic…

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