Brazil: Bolsonaro softens a law on the wearing of the mask

Brésil: Bolsonaro adoucit une loi sur le port du masque

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has greatly softened on Friday a law on the wearing of mask in public places to combat the spread of coronavirus, making it non-mandatory in the shops and places of worship.

According to the official Journal Friday, the head of the State has enacted this law approved by the Congress, the first to rule on the wearing of the mask at the national level, but has exercised his right of veto to exclude a number of items.

The two, inter alia, the obligation to wear a mask ” in places of worship or industrial and commercial establishments “.

But the president of the far-right has ruled this measure unconstitutional, citing a ” possible violation of the home “, given that it is often a matter of private property.

He also deleted an article that requires businesses and industrial premises to provide free face masks to their employees, and another stating that the government should distribute ” to vulnerable populations economically “.

The wearing of the mask had already been made mandatory for several weeks in many States, by the decrees adopted by the governors.

On Tuesday, president Bolsonaro was awarded in appeal set aside a judgment requiring it to you personally to wear a mask in public in Brasilia, where the population has the obligation to wear one.

Since the judgment of first instance, two weeks ago, the head of the State has worn a mask at each output, in Brasilia.

But last weekend he appeared in public without a mask in the State of Minas Gerais (south-east), where wearing a mask is not mandatory.

Previously, it was not uncommon for the head of State to take baths crowd without a mask.

Brazil is the second country in the world most affected by the pandemic COVID-19, with nearly 1.5 million confirmed cases and 61 884 dead, according to an official toll published on Thursday.

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