Brazil crosses the threshold of 90 000 people died of the coronavirus

Le Brésil franchit le cap des 90 000 morts du coronavirus

RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil, has passed on Wednesday the milestone of 90, 000 deaths from the coronavirus after you have registered 1 595 new deaths during the past 24 hours, announced the ministry of Health.

Brazil, the second country where the COVID-19 kills, the most in the world after the United States, deplores 90 134 dead and was recorded Wednesday, a very high number of new cases in a day, 69-074, according to the ministry.

These official data, according to the scientists, under-represent largely the extent of the pandemic in the largest country in Latin America, who practice very little testing.

The new deaths and new cases announced Wednesday, represent a record, which, however, must be relativized.

These figures can be explained by the fact that the State of Sao Paulo, the most populated of Brazil, postponed on Wednesday the statistics that he had not been able to integrate the standby for technical reasons in the national table.

There remains, however, that the pandemic is still very active in Brazil, with an average of more than 1 000 deaths per day on seven days slippery since the beginning of July.

As to the number of new cases in seven days is slippery, it is, on average, over 30 000 since June 19, and more than 40 000 since July 24.

If the current pace continues, Brazil should reach the mark of 100 000 dead at the end of next week.

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