Brazil: his re-election at the head, Bolsonaro joins the Liberal Party

Brazil: Its reappointment in advance, Bolson to the Liberal Party

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro joined the Liberal Party (PL), a right-wing party on Tuesday, in an attempt to deny the polls that give him the defeat in the October 2022 presidential election by the probable leftist candidate, the former head of state Lula. & nbsp;

For the far-right president, it is the affiliation to a 9th successive political party, a practice however relatively common in Brazil where the Parliament is atomized into about thirty formations. & Nbsp;

“We do not let us launch no one here to conquer any charge. Affiliation is a simple event, but of great importance ”, declared the Head of State during a ceremony organized in a large hotel in Brasília in the presence of hundreds of political figures, but without the press.

“Thank you for your trust and support,” he told the other PL members, all of them almost maskless. “This is an affiliation ceremony, which makes us a team (…) for the election next year.”

Then leaving the hotel to go to the meeting of his supporters, Bolsonaro added that he wanted “to continue what we have been doing since January 2019, to change the fate of Brazil, to defend more and more the family, the keystone of conservatism”.

Game change

Bolsonaro was without a party since he broke two years ago with the one under whose banner he was easily elected at the end of 2018, the very small Liberal Social Party (PSL). He cannot run again next year without political affiliation.

But with less than a year of the presidential election, the situation has completely changed for the 66-year-old leader and his popularity rating has not has never been so low.

It fell to 22%, under the effect of its management considered calamitous of the crisis of COVID-19 which killed nearly 615,000 people in Brazil and high levels of inflation and unemployment.

In addition, the president is the target of a hundred impeachment requests and the subject of five investigations by the Supreme Court and electoral justice.

If he is already giving many signals of 'a campaign entry, the ex-president (2003-2010) and bête noire of Bolsonaro, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, should not be declared until the first quarter of 2022.

The historic leader of the Brazilian left, 76, returns from a tour of Europe where he was received, and well received, by French President Emmanuel Macron, Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez and future German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Strong figure”

With 43 deputies out of 513 and four senators out of 81, the PL is one of the main parties of the “centrao”, an informal block of right-wing and center-based formations which monetize their support according to the advantages they derive from it, and and defeat politics in Brazil.

Bolsonaro has come very close to the “centrao” in recent months, after being elected as an “anti-system” candidate determined to do away with “old political practices”, corruption in mind.

He now hopes to turn the tide. “Bolsonaro's popularity is low, but he remains a strong figure,” said AFP Edson Sardinha, editorial director of Congresso em foco. & Nbsp;

“It is too early, a lot of things can still happen”, he continues: “Now, he has a stronger party which will have significant resources from the electoral fund and a lot of airtime on television” .

The virulence of anti-Lula sentiment among many Brazilians should not be underestimated either, underlines the expert, the election promising to be ultra-polarized. & nbsp;

Center or right-wing candidates hoping to embody a “third way” are struggling to convince, such as the governor of Sao Paulo Joao Doria or the ex-judge Sergio Moro, who had Lula imprisoned for corruption.

The alliance with the PL should also guarantee Bolsonaro to be able to carry out his mandate to its end, in December 2022, the requests for dismissal should not succeed.

One of the three sons of the President with a political mandate, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, also joined the PL on Tuesday. The PL has ex-football star Romario, senator, in its ranks.

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