Brazil: more than 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours

Brésil: plus de 1000 morts du coronavirus en 24h

RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil has registered 1039 deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours, announced Tuesday the ministry of Health, a balance sheet that exceeds the thousand of victims for the 4e time since the acceleration of the pandemic in the last week.

The largest country in Latin America, the new epicentre of the pandemic, regrets now 24 512 deaths, according to figures from the ministry, which, according to the scientific community, largely under-evaluated.

During the last four days, until Monday, the Brazil has been the country in the world to lament the greatest number of deaths daily of the COVID-19, exceeding for the first time in this report, the United States, the country most affected (nearly 100 000 dead).

The balance sheet american daily newspaper had not been published yet on Tuesday when the fallen figures of the brazilian.

Brazil has 391 222 confirmed cases of contamination, for a population of 210 million people.

The two brazilian States most affected are those of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where the hospital services intensive care unit are very close to the saturation, as well as in several States in the North and North-East.

Sao Paulo lamented Tuesday night 6423 dead and more than 86 000 cases of contamination, and Rio, where the progression is very stiff for a week, 4361 deaths and more than 40 000 cases.

These two States have decreed since the end of march a containment of their population, despite the fierce opposition of the president Jair Bolsonaro. But this measure is not the subject of any coercion, and is not sufficient to contain the spread of the pandemic.

On Monday, the brazilian ministry of Health announced that it would maintain its recommendation of using hydroxychloroquine to treat the new coronavirus, despite the decision of the world health Organization (WHO), to temporarily suspend the clinical trials with this drug as a precautionary measure.

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