Brazil: new investigation against Bolsonaro for spreading false information

Brazil: new investigation against Bolsonaro for disseminating false information

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BRASILIA | & nbsp; A judge of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil on Friday ordered the opening of another investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro for disseminating false information in a video linking between the anti-Covid vaccine and AIDS disease.

The decision of Judge Alexandre de Moraes, a member of the highest instance of the Brazilian judiciary, responds to a request by the Senate committee which in October accused the head of state of having committed serious crimes during the pandemic, s 'adding to five other investigations opened against Mr. Bolsonaro, so far without result.

The object of this new investigation: a video in which the president of the extreme right quotes Supposedly official UK government reports which “suggest” that people fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are developing AIDS disease “much faster than expected”.

This information has been denied by the British government to AFP's fact-checking service and by the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, among other medical organizations.

The video has been removed from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The video platform also decided to suspend Mr. Bolsonaro's channel for a week.

In August, the STF decided to open an investigation against Jair Bolsonaro for the offenses of “slander” and “Incitement to crime” in a case related to the questioning of the Brazilian electronic voting system.

The president is also subject to other investigations aimed at determining whether he interfered in certain cases concerning members of his family, with the federal police or for having disseminated on social networks a police report – under seal – concerning an alleged attack on the electoral system.

Unless one In the presidential election, the 66-year-old leader's popularity has never been lower.

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