Brazil: ordered to wear a mask, Bolsonaro made the call

Brésil: sommé de porter un masque, Bolsonaro fait appel

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro made the appeal Friday of a judge’s decision requiring him to wear a protective mask in public because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

In his appeal, the Attorney General of the Union (AGU), which represents the interests of the brazilian State argues that the judgment rendered Monday by the magistrate Renato Borelli was ” not necessary “, the mask having already been made mandatory by decree in the Federal District of Brasilia.

The judge had ruled admissible the petition of a lawyer that denounces the “irresponsible behaviour of the president” in the face of coronavirus, that he has minimized and qualified as a ” small flu “.

If he does not wear a mask in a public place, Mr. Bolsonaro is liable to a fine of 2000 réais (about $ 500), stated the judge.

Since this court decision, the head of the State has been relatively discreet, with few public appearances. It was, however, a mask each time, including outside of Brasilia, as on Friday in Ceara (north-east), where he inaugurated a stretch of canal on the river Sao Francisco.

The AGU stated that the action was not intended in any case to exempt Mr. Bolsonaro from the obligation of wearing a mask, but that the objective was to ensure that the president was treated like any other citizen.

“The rule requiring the wearing of the mask already exists in the Federal District. This interference of the judicial power was not necessary “, explained to AFP a spokesman of the AGU.

Previously, Jair Bolsonaro is often went out to meet his fans for the bathroom crowd, most of the time, without wearing a mask.

Last week, the ex-minister of Education Abraham Weintraub was fined for going to the meeting of militant pro-Bolsonaro without a mask in Brasilia.

The president Bolsonaro has maintained relationships very strained with the judiciary in recent months, notably with the supreme Court, which has authorized the opening of an investigation against him for interference in police investigations aimed at its close.

But he adopted a tone less belligerent for a week, advocating in particular the “peace” and “peace” Thursday, during a solemn ceremony in the presence of many officials of the judiciary.

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