Brazil: rate of discharge record for Bolsonaro

Brésil: taux de rejet record pour Bolsonaro

The rate of rejection of the brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has reached a record high of 43%, according to a survey released on Thursday, even if the leader of the far-right retains a hard core of 33% of favourable opinions.

The president, increasingly isolated in this period of pandemic coronavirus and in conflict with the representatives of the institutions of the country, has once again won Thursday against the supreme Court, with virulence.

The data collected by the institute Datafolha show that polarization has increased, so that the speech anticonfinement of the head of State deeply divided positions, into a country which has become one of the main foci in global Covid-19.

Among the 2069 respondents on Monday and Tuesday, 43% felt the management of the country by Jair Bolsonaro ” bad ” or ” very bad “, compared to 38% a month ago and 30% a year ago.

But those who consider themselves “good” or “very good” continue to represent one-third of respondents (33%), as in April, compared with 30% in December.

The polarization is highlighted by the significant decline in the proportion of those who believe the presidency Bolsonaro ” fair “, at 22%, compared to 26% a month ago and 32% by the end of 2019.

It is even more accentuated among the more affluent, with 42% in favour, 49% against, and only 8% say their management ” fair “

The rejection rate is higher (56%) among those with a tertiary education, compared to 36% for those who are only gone to primary school.

Beyond the health crisis rages on, with a curve of deaths and contamination of the coronavirus on the rise, Brazil is hit by a severe political crisis.

Wednesday, a judge of the supreme Court has triggered a police operation in large-scale, with a thirty searches in many of the close allies of the president Bolsonaro, suspected to be part of a network of dissemination of false information.

These false information have the purpose to defame personalities opposing the government, but also members of the supreme Court.

Among those referred, there are several deputies, but also of business leaders accused of funding this network.

Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro, has strongly criticized this, including the fact that it is part of a decision of a single judge of the supreme Court.

“It is finished, damn! We no longer accept these individual attitudes, this type of personal decision “, he launched in front of journalists at the exit of the presidential palace Alvorada.

On Wednesday evening, he had stated that the figures referred to by the operation were ” good people “, before adding: “something serious is going on in our democracy “.

The president himself is in the crosshairs of the justice, after being accused of attempted interference in police investigations involving close relatives.

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