Brazil: renewed popularity of Bolsonaro in the polls

Brésil: regain de popularité de Bolsonaro dans les sondages

Rio de Janeiro | Three surveys published this week in Brazil show an increase in the popularity of president Bolsonaro, given favorite in his re-election despite a management controversial of the crisis of the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 84, 000 deaths.

On Friday, a poll published in the weekly Veja place the leader of the far-right far in the lead in the first round of the presidential election of 2022, with 27.5% to 30.7% of voting intentions according to the scenarios considered.

In the second round, he would win easily, regardless of the opponent, including his ex-minister of Justice, the very popular Sergio Moro, a former judge anti-corruption, or the ex-left-wing president Lula.

In another survey, published on Thursday by the specialized site Poder360, 43% of respondents approve of the government’s management Bolsonaro, compared to 40% two weeks ago. And the rejection rate has decreased slightly, from 47% to 46%.

Friday, the site has made a precision on the survey, explaining that the approval rate was 52% in those receiving the special allowance of 600 réais (about 100€) from the government to the Brazilians the poorest during the pandemic of COVID-19.

It concerns in particular the workers in the informal sector, usually without a contract of employment, deprived of income as a result of the containment measures taken by the governors of the States, of the measures criticised by the president Bolsonaro.

To the question ” how would you rate the president’s action Bolsonaro? “, 30% responded “good” or ” very good “, a slight increase compared to the survey two weeks ago (29%).

And the proportion of respondents who answered “poor” or “very bad” has declined from 46% to 43%, while 23% considered it “fair” (compared to 20% two weeks ago).

Monday, a survey of broker-dealer investment XP has confirmed a trend to increase the popularity rating of the government Bolsonaro, with 30% of favourable opinions (that the judge “good or ” very good”). It had dropped from 31% in April to 25% in may, before recovering to 28% in June.

The rejection rate, which amounted to 50% in may, is now 45%.

Other important data: 33% of respondents believe that the brazilian economy is ” going in the right direction “, against 29% last month, even if a historic recession is to be expected.

The president Bolsonaro has not ceased to assert that the “collateral effects” of the containment, could be “more dead” than the pandemic, because of the increase in unemployment.

But many specialists consider on the contrary that the containment is strict can allow the economy to leave more quickly if the health crisis is controlled.

Itself infected by the coronavirus, Jair Bolsonaro did not hesitate to ride a bike Thursday, helmet on head, but without a mask, stopping even to catch up with sweepers in the vicinity of the presidential palace Alvorada.

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