Brazil: Sao Paulo reopens its bars and restaurants

Brésil: Sao Paulo rouvre ses bars et restaurants

The bars, restaurants and beauty salons of Sao Paulo, opened Monday in the framework of a new stage of déconfinement of the economic capital of Brazil, after a hundred days of quarantine partial.

The pandemic of sars coronavirus is yet far from being completed: the megacity of more than 12 million inhabitants of the south-east of Brazil deplored 7621 dead, 618 in the only last week.

The bars and restaurants will be able to open to 40 % of their capacity for only six hours per day, respecting the measures of distance and physical hygiene.

During the previous phase of the déconfinement, the stores and malls had been allowed to reopen, with restrictions, after two months of paralysis where were the services considered to be essential and the population was encouraged to stay home, but without a coercive measure.

Rio de Janeiro has re-opened last Thursday its bars and restaurants — where the immediate influx has alarmed the authorities, and physicians — as well as its beauty salons and sports facilities. For Rio as Sao Paulo, this movement was deemed premature by the epidemiologists.

“The most acute phase has passed, we have reached a plateau. It is the time to begin to re-engage in economic activities, ” assured the mayor of Sao Paulo, Bruno Covas.

According to the mayor, who has himself been contaminated, the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care fell to less than 60 %, having been close to saturation.

Brazil is the second country in the world, behind the United States, in terms of deaths and contamination of the coronavirus, with close to 65 000 deaths and more than 1.6 million cases, according to data from the ministry of Health considered as very under-estimated by the scientists.

Because of the vastness of the brazilian territory, where there are 212 million people, the pandemic has spread unevenly and migrates currently the capitals to the interior of the different States.

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