Brazil: the contamination increased after the déconfinement

Brésil: les contaminations en hausse après le déconfinement

RIO DE JANEIRO | The rhythm of the contamination of coronavirus has resumed its upward curve in Brazil after the déconfinement progressive in some States, deemed to be precipitated by the specialists.

On Tuesday night, this is a country of continental dimensions recorded in 24 hours his second highest number of infections, but also of deaths, with 39 436 new confirmed cases and 1 374 deaths.

In total, Brazil, which has 212 million inhabitants, there are 52 645 dead and 1.14 million people infected, remaining the second is the most affected country, behind the United States.

“The curve of brazil is still strongly upward,” said Domingos Alves, head of the Laboratory of Health research (DSL) of the University of Sao Paulo (USP).

“We are still in the first wave, with a number of infections and deaths in high-growth,” insists the researcher, a member of the collective of specialists COVID-19 Brasil, which performs projections from official statistics, which is largely under-estimated, according to the scientists.

The two States most affected, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (both in the South-east), were identified, respectively, 434 and 220 deaths from COVID-19 in 24 hours at the latest official assessment. For Sao Paulo, it is the balance sheet daily the deadliest since the beginning of the pandemic.

The curves, however, seemed to have reached a plateau at the end of last week in these two States, where the local authorities had launched a déconfinement progressive at the beginning of June.

Previously, for two months, only businesses considered to be essential (pharmacies and supermarkets) could open, but no enforcement action has not been taken to force the population to stay at home.

Now, schools remain closed, the restaurants can only sell to take away, but the shopping centres have opened their doors again for two weeks.

For Domingos Alves, this reopening is precipitated, the WHO is not recommending the déconfinement that after several weeks of decline in the number of deaths and contamination. “It sends the population to slaughter,” he warns.

The State of Minas Gerais, next to those of Rio and Sao Paulo, is considering imposing a confinement more strict after also eased its restrictive measures. Tuesday, 54 new deaths related to the COVID-19 have been identified, a record.

The situation also started to worsen in the south, where the southern winter is about to begin.

In Curitiba, the capital of the State of Parana, the authorities have sounded the alarm, warning that the health system could be saturated if the population did not meet the containment.

The situation has however improved in Manaus (north), in the State of Amazonas, where it was nightmarish in may, with graves in the cemeteries, and refrigeration trucks to store the dead bodies at the exit of the hospital.

The field hospital installed in Manaus was closed this week and the Amazonas has recorded only eight new deaths on Tuesday.

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