Brazil: the president Bolsonaro ad to be contaminated by the COVID-19

Brésil: le président Bolsonaro annonce être contaminé par la COVID-19

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro announced Tuesday, have been positive to the new coronavirus, of which he has continued to downplay the severity since the beginning of the pandemic, but who has already made some 65, 000 deaths in his country.

“The positive result (the test) has just arrived “, said the head of the State, 65 years old, during an interview to several tv channels, after having had a temperature the day before.

“I had 38 degrees of fever, but my lungs were clean. The doctors have given me hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (an antibiotic) and after I felt better. I am perfectly well, ” added Mr Bolsonaro. He stated that it would now be the more possible ” by video conference “.

On Monday evening, he had announced to have passed an x-ray of the lungs at the hospital of the armed forces.

At the end of march, Jair Bolsonaro had greatly minimized the importance of the virus in a televised speech.

“Given my background as a athlete, if I was contaminated by the virus, I wouldn’t have to worry about. I do not feel anything. At worst, this would be like a little influenza, a little cold, ” he said.

More details will follow…

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