Breaking down in tears, ran away from the show: what happens on X-Factor after the release of Danilko with the project

Разрыдавшись, убежал из шоу: что происходит на Х-Факторе после выхода Данилко с проекта

Andrey Danilko

today, 22:37

Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko 23 Nov suddenly decided to leave “X-factor”. He could not restrain his emotions and cried in live at a time when he had to choose the participant who must leave the show. Danilko, barely holding back tears, announced that he was leaving the project.

This behavior of the artist who performs under the pseudonym of Verka Serduchka, has puzzled and shocked the participants on the stage and his colleagues on the jury.

46-year-old Andriy Danylko, voicing a difficult decision, with tears in his eyes confessed how difficult this is. He expressed the hope that his place will come a new mentor for the participants.

The audience is very upset about the departure of the artist from the show. Ukrainians in social networks has launched a flash mob in support of artist #Daylabourers.

The organizers of the show, in turn, commented on the situation on the X-Factor for the first time in the history of the project. According to them, they had great respect for the decision Danilko in the training camp of the X Factor. But they also can not imagine live without him.

In this regard, the organizers of the project supported the initiative of the fans of the X Factor and said that the whole team join the flash mob on the return of Daniel.

Recall that Dan broke down in tears in front of everyone, leaving “X-factor”

As reported by the portal Znaia the output of a Tribute to “X-factor” blew up the network and marked the beginning of a nationwide flashmob.

Also Znayu wrote, member of the popular musical show “X factor” shocked the famous Andrey Danilko.

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