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Breaking “The Wall of Silence” one step at a time

Breaking “The Wall of Silence” one step at a time


Often living on the fringes, their signs betray them. But it is also this language that allows them to be heard and break down the wall of silence. 

On the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages, Radio- Canada presents the intimate documentary “The Wall of Silence”. Following the journey of people who are hard of hearing, deaf or close relatives of deaf people, Acadian filmmaker Denise Bouchard is interested in the family and social life of people living with a hearing disability.

She is also interested in the evolution of communication and the tools that have been developed over time to help these people, especially since the advent of cochlear implants and the development of sign language (LSQ).< /p>

“Deaf people may have greater challenges than the hearing world, but they are inspiring. Their language is gestural, vibrant and communicative,” she pointed out in a press release.

Shot in New Brunswick and Ottawa, “The Wall of Silence” will be broadcast as part of “Doc humanity” on ICI Télé, this Saturday, at 10:30 p.m., and will then be available on ICI TOU.TV.

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