Breast Cancer: the COVID-19 has implications on the screening

Cancer du sein: la COVID-19 a des répercussions sur le dépistage

Clinics have found that many women do not show up to their appointments mammography for fear of contracting the COVID-19.

This situation could lead to the late detection of several cases of cancer of the breast.

“Screening mammography has the potential to save lives because it detects breast cancers at their very early stage and it gives the highest cure rate,” explained Dr. Caroline Samson, president of the national Committee of breast cancer screening.

This last request to women who have appointments, or who will call in the next few days to get them, go there.

“We want patients to realize that there is more than time to to leave their homes and come to spend their mammo screening because, in clinical practice, it is safe,” said Dr. Samson.

Masks, hand washing, cleaning of equipment : all measures are put in place to provide a safe environment for women who come for their mammogram.

“You are always going to take care of patients at the time where they deem it appropriate, but it is considered that now that the pandemic is losing momentum a bit and we can restart our screening program, it is important for patients to be able to take care of them,” argued the doctor.

Review every two years

Since 1998, the ministry of Health recommends that women 50 to 69 years to undergo a mammogram every two years.

Approximately 65% of the targeted women follow this recommendation, which has helped reduce the number of deaths related to breast cancer by 25%.

Despite everything, the breast cancer Foundation estimates that 6,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and 1350 will die of the disease.

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