“Breath of joy” – anabaena Alla Mazur got the best gift

"Глоток радости" - онкобольная Алла Мазур получила лучший подарок

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The anchor Alla Mazur, who is now fighting with cancer, spoke about the support being provided by friends and which helps women to maintain hope and strength.

About it writes the edition Politeka.

On his page in social network Instagram Mazur showed a picture of sunflowers, which she gave and artist Lesya Pat.

A breath of energy and joy. Friends, colleagues know what to support. Inside I was jumping on one leg little girl – so I like this landscape. And most importantly – got it out of the hands of the author: the same irresistible optimist and my colleagues from TSN Lesi Gladysh, “says Mazur, accompanying his text a large number emoj.

"Глоток радости" - онкобольная Алла Мазур получила лучший подарок

The presenter explained that the gesture her friends can be an example for everyone who wants to support sick relatives.

If you suddenly think, than to please a friend in days of illness – give him some sort of solar🌞🌞🌞 Because as much as feel want of faith and joy. Something beautiful and delicious. That disperses the clouds. And fills your day with LIGHT🧚♀ app🧚♀ app🧚♀ app, “writes Mazur.

Alla Mazur admitted that he is sick with cancer last fall. Then the presenter told us that she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. As explained by the announcer of television news, it was a challenge for her because in the Ukrainian society to discuss such issues is not accepted.

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Recall that the leading Alla Mazur spoke frankly, like fighting cancer.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Alla Mazur snapped offenders for fake about his tumor: “Someone decided to play with my disease.”

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the oncologist told how to recognize cancer: “the Only thing that the doctors.”

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