Brexit, coronavirus, and fatherhood : a first year of hell the power to Boris Johnson

Brexit, coronavirus et paternité : une première année d’enfer au pouvoir pour Boris Johnson

From electoral success to a global health crisis that has failed to kill him, through an engagement, a baby, and the realization of Brexit : the first year of the british conservative Boris Johnson has looked like a roller coaster.

The leader of the 56-year celebration Friday, his first year in office of prime minister. “A year ago, I climbed the steps of Downing Street and I made a promise to the british people “, he said Friday on the occasion of this anniversary, that of ‘ achieving the Brexit, and then to unite and improve the country “.

In mid-July, 2019, Boris Johnson was returned to being a backbencher after resigning the government of Theresa May, the renunciation of the ministry of foreign Affairs to mark its disagreement with its strategy on the implementation of the Brexit, that it has largely contributed to the vote by his fellow citizens in a referendum in June 2016.

The ex-mayor of London to the eternal mop of blonde tousled was not slow to return to the centre of the game when Mrs May was forced to resign, the Parliament has rejected several times the agreement from the EU that it had negotiated with Brussels.

Boris Johnson then easily won the election to become head of the conservative Party and, hence, that of the country. He then made the risky gamble to call for early general elections to secure a majority lost by Mrs May in a previous election.

Bet won the upper-hand, since it has got the largest majority in parliament since Margaret Thatcher, thus paving the way for the departure of the Uk from the EU on the 31st January.

After 47 years of marriage, stormy, this separation was to mark a ” moment of real national revival “, according to Boris Johnson. Yet, this “new beginning” — which was to manifest itself through investments galore in the public services and infrastructure, as promised during his campaign — was quickly bumped up to the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

45 000 dead and a baby

Boris Johnson is then found itself under the fire of criticism for having been slow to introduce stringent measures, while most european countries had already closed their borders and confined their population.

Some 45 000 deaths later, the United Kingdom holds the sad record of being the european country most affected by the virus.

“Mr. Johnson and his team would do well to use wisely the period of respite (which promises to be this summer) to renew the government’s approach “, reported on Thursday an editorial scathing of the Times.

Boris Johnson himself made the expenses of its lightness, contracting at the end of march a severe form of the Covid-19, which was sent to intensive care where he almost died.

A few weeks after his release from the hospital, his fiancée Carrie Symonds gave birth to their first son in addition to the 4 children from his second marriage.

In spite of everything, “Boris” keeps supporters, who praise his ability to delegate, and its determination. According to a YouGov poll published on Thursday, 89 % of conservatives want it to remain at the head of the party.

It is a character, ” high in color, but with a strategic vision “, said the French president Emmanuel Macron. “Those who have not taken seriously went astray “.


Enormous challenges are still waiting for Boris Johnson, while the impact of the pandemic on the uk economy will not reveal its true magnitude that within a few months.

After having kept his “promise, “” to realize the Brexit “, the leader now wants, for his birthday at the head of the government, “take the oath” of ” do not let the virus stop this country “, while the experts warn of a potential second wave of contamination.

But the prime minister is not yet disposed of the question of Brexit, that brought down his two predecessors, as the ongoing negotiations with Europe on their future relationship are far from being guaranteed to succeed at an agreement.

It must also face a new challenger more leathery to the head of the Labour, the main opposition party, since the election in early April of Keir Starmer. The vague desire for independence of Scotland and the dissension within his own party, including his close adviser, Dominic Cummings, will continue to occupy it.

Finally, the growing popularity of his young minister of Finance Rishi Sunak could also end with him out of the shadows.

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