Brezhnev in a transparent t-shirt admitted that irritates her: “Very rude!”

Брежнева в прозрачной маечке призналась, что ее раздражает: "Очень грубо!"

today, 15:00

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev, the wife of Konstantin Meladze, which is now frequently performs in Russia, shared with followers on Instagram a special photo. Celebrity has put gorgeous black and white frame with a new photo shoot, wearing only a black translucent t-shirt and lit up a massive chest. So, the actress admitted that she is irritated by the word “dear”, and another to receive messages without a name.

“There is one word when I call them , I cringe a bit. 🙈 The word “EXPENSIVE”. In fact, if you say dear Faith, as a formal appeal, that’s fine. But if you just expensive 🤦 🏼 ♀ good but to me it sounds very rude and disingenuous.. my entourage knows it, why not call in so)) and I don’t like from friends and colleagues to receive messages with no name, I immediately realize that this is distribution, and I distribution really do not like…. just very sad.. you have such words ?”, – shared emotions Brezhnev. Followers not passed, when the Faith of compliments.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Vera Brezhnev shared in Instagram joint shot with the 17-year-old daughter Sonia. Fans didn’t know where mom is, and where the daughter, because they are similar to each other as two drops of water.

Also a celebrity showed a picture together with Justin Bieber and his girl Hailey Baldwin.

And the artist sat on the edge of the balcony in a skirt with leopard print and admitted that is in harmony with itself.

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