Brezhnev let slip about the pregnancy of his daughter: I’m ready to be a grandmother

Брежнева проговорилась о беременности дочери: я готова стать бабушкой

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev, the wife of Konstantin Meladze, which is now frequently performs in Russia, shared with fans candid thoughts in an interview for the show “You wouldn’t believe!”. Now 37-year-old celebrity has two daughters: 9-year-old Sarah and 18-year-old Sonya, and Sonya look like a stellar mother as two drops of water. So, the artist sincerely said that is going to become a grandmother.

“It would be strange if I tell my daughter: be patient with her grandchildren. But at the moment I don’t think Sonia wants kids. I think she wants to walk, to get high. Right!”, – admitted Brezhnev, which, by the way, she became a mother at age 19.

“I’m 18 already decided which University I’m going to do, where to go and what to do. Of course, I always tell her daughter that she can count on my support… advice, if she needs. But I try to limit myself not to go into some personal moments with her friends,” – said Brezhnev, revealing the secrets of education.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Vera Brezhnev shared in Instagram joint shot with the 17-year-old daughter Sonia. Fans didn’t know where mom is, and where the daughter, because they are similar to each other as two drops of water.

Also a celebrity showed a picture together with Justin Bieber and his girl Hailey Baldwin.

And the artist sat on the edge of the balcony in a skirt with leopard print and admitted that is in harmony with itself.


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