Bridge-dinosaur: useful decoration of Tokyo

Мост-динозавр: полезное украшение Токио

Мост-динозавр: полезное украшение Токио

Bridge-dinosaur: useful decoration of Tokyo

Besides its practical value, the Tokyo Gate Bridge was also a point of attraction for tourists coming to the Japanese capital.

19 APR 2019 15:07


The distance between the two Tokyo airports, Narita and Haneda is about 80 kilometers. To make the journey through the city centre by cars and buses – that are fun, and trains and subways, with all their relative convenience, is, anyway, a transplant. Therefore, in the 1990s, was built seaside highway Wangan, which gave the ability to quickly get from one capital airport to another.

Soon this line was chosen by the racers, arranged her illegal speed racing members. After some time the track was renamed the Bayshore Route.

In 2002, construction began on the duplicate of the highway, which also ran through Tokyo Bay and, as Bayshore Route, had a system of bridges and tunnels. Technical decoration of the new route was the bridge “Tokyo gate”, opened in 2012. Because of the peculiar silhouette of the bridge is nicknamed “the Dinosaur”.

Get Tokyo Gate Bridge with a length of over 2.6 km and height 87,8 m is designed not only for motorists. It has a pedestrian walkway and viewing platform, which overlooks the port of Tokyo tower Sky Tree, and on a clear day even mount Fuji.


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