Bright 2 : a suite is always a project on Netflix, the director reveals his plan

Bright 2 : une suite toujours en projet sur Netflix, le réalisateur dévoile son plan

Bright 2 : a suite is always a project on Netflix, the director reveals his idea

Released in 2017 on Netflix, Bright – worn by Will Smith, will soon have the right to a suite. No release date has yet been announced for the 2nd episode, but David Ayer has already entrusted on the progress of the project and its plan.

Bright 2-always in project

In a few weeks, Will Smith will make his grand return to film in the skin of Mike lowrey’s with the film Bad Boys 3. A project which has delighted many fans, and that reminds us that the actor has absolutely nothing against the suites, despite its lack of Suicide Squad 2. The good news for the Bright, the famous science fiction movie from Netflix released in 2017 ? Absolutely.

Asked by Slashfilm on the possible preparation of a Bright 2 in which Will Smith would resume his role of agent Daryl Ward, the director David Ayer said : “It’s still in development. We are working on it and with luck we will be able to put that in place very quickly“.

The secrets of this world revealed

And in order to convince the public that this sequel is a good idea and give back the urge to subscribers of Netflix to dive back into this universe, David Ayer has shown a passion for this project : “This is a great opportunity for us to explore more of this world. I think people felt that there was still more things to discover“.

It is true that the first film will be interested much more in its police investigation conducted by Ward and the orc Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), and less to the wealth of this world, a little too left in the background with our questions. However, the filmmaker has said, it is now ready to respond to us : “people were saying ‘Tell us more about the dragon. Talk to us about it, of the Story’. It is a world of great wealth and we’ll unveil even more“.

Only remains to hope that Will Smith will soon the time in its calendar that is always well loaded.

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