Britain has established a unique sculpture out of thousands of knives

В Британии установили уникальную скульптуру из тысяч ножей

The sculpture of the arms recalls the countless victims of bladed weapons.

The impressive sculpture of the 100,000 confiscated knives appeared last Thursday in front of the Cathedral in Coventry, reports the with reference to Znaiu.

Nine design is the “angel of the knife” of weapons which gave the police departments of great Britain and anonymous volunteers.

The concept of the sculpture was designed by an artist Alfie Bradley in 2017. Since then, the statue travels around British cities, Recalling the atrocities that are sometimes created by people.

Most knives used in the unusual sculpture has been tested by blood and have been used as instruments of crime.

The author of the sculpture for years collecting “material” for construction. Some of the knives are carved the names of the victims. It should be noted that before the final presentation of the sculpture, all types of bladed weapons were blunted.

The Bishop of Coventry Cathedral Dr. Christopher Cocksworth States that “the angel of the knife” – a harsh reminder of the violent crime that plagues their city.

This is largely due to the uncontrolled selling of knives.

In particular, more than half of the online stores do not check the age of potential buyers before selling them weapons. Among the conventional stores, the figure was 12% in the period from October to January.

The artist dedicated the sculpture to all victims of violence that died as a result of the use of bladed weapons. Alfie hopes that his artwork will make people think about the nature of violence and learn how to be tolerant of each other.

В Британии установили уникальную скульптуру из тысяч ножей

В Британии установили уникальную скульптуру из тысяч ножей


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