Britney Spears from a mental hospital scared fans: threatening me

Бритни Спирс из психлечебницы испугала фанатов: мне угрожают

Britney Spears

Britney Spears – scandalous pop Princess with a heavy destiny. Not so long ago Britney fans excited and scared about the news that their favorite was in a psychiatric hospital. In addition, according to the mother Britney, her back locked up and forcibly holding her against her will. But recently the star was released on bond after hospitalization. She has released a video message to fans in her Instagram.

“I wanted to say “hi”, because that’s what I’m talking about, out of control. Rumor has it, my family and the team received threats, and say completely crazy things.

I’m trying to find time for yourself, but all that happens only complicates my life. Believe nothing that you hear and read. All these fake e-mails was created by Sam of Lufti (former Manager of Britney Spears. — Approx. ed) many years ago. I didn’t write them. He gave himself for me and communicated with my team with a fake email address.

My situation is unique. But I promise I’ll do all that now mattered most. You may not know this about me but I’m strong and will stand to the end for what I want. Your love and devotion is astounding, but what I need now is a little privacy to cope with all the difficulties appeared in my way. And if you can do it, I would be so grateful. Love you” – written by Britney.

Earlier it was reported that

Britney doesn’t want to be under the care of doctors, but she is forced to do. Fans think that the admission of the pop diva worth her father Jamie

Earlier actively discussed that he manages all the finances of Britney.

Recall, Britney Spears was in a psychiatric hospital

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